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Layer-C Labs


Introduction to the Lab

At the heart of Layer-C lies the Layer-C Labs, our innovation crucible where ideas are transformed into groundbreaking solutions. A fusion of research, development, and forward-thinking, the Labs stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the fintech and web3 space.

Layer-C Labs works closely with the Australian Defi Association and the Data Science and AI Association to run events, workshops and seminars in cities across Australia. Layer-C also curates relationships with similar bodies overseas such as Web3 Harbour and the HKLVAA. The aim is to spark knowledge sharing, education, innovation and relationship building.

Events &


Layer-C believes in the power of collaboration and open source. Layer-C Labs is keen to maximise the impact of community networks, industry partnerships and academic collaborations. Through involvement with multiple not-for-profit associations, fintech accelerators and a government taskforce, Layer-C Labs invites diverse perspectives and subject matter expertise.

Collaborations &


Layer-C Labs is where the magic happens. It is the place where ideas turn into prototypes and eventually products. It’s where creativity meets pragmatism. The team from NotCentralised brings in partners, stakeholders and subject matter experts to explore novel ways of solving financial workflows. Layer-C Labs was responsible for the novel zero knowledge proof software development kit, called NotVault (see more here). Those tools have gone on to be integrated into multiple products, by providing the confidentiality needed in commerce, even for on-chain functions.

Research, development & innovation.


Join the Lab

Are you passionate about fintech? Driven by innovation? Layer-C Labs is always on the lookout for bright minds ready to make a difference. Reach out and collaborate, learn from or join us and be a part of this evolution of commerce.

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