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Digitising Financial Workflows

Cutting edge software for next-gen financial tools.


Bringing commerce into the digital age, using emerging technologies

Layer-C Pty Ltd is a software development fintech, which uses cutting edge components to modernise a wide range of financial workflows. Layer-C designs products for banks, corporations, government and consumers. Layer-C is focused on compliance, confidentiality and composability.


Fully Digitised,

Uncompromisingly Innovative


Promoting Trust

Reducing Complexity

TradeFlows is a platform enabling digital escrows and programmable payments. It is designed to reduce counterparty risks, for any supply chain. It allows users to digitise contracts, collateralise payment obligations and pre-program the conditions for payment.


Simple Initiation

Rapid Processing

NFGx is designed to simplify the issuance of guarantees, by digitising the entire process. Despite being simple, guarantees remain archaic and largely paper-based. NFGx redefines how issuers, beneficiaries and applicants interact with these essential financial agreements.


NotVault ZK Proofs

Cutting edge


Behind the Layer-C products lies Layer-C Labs. It is a crucible where emerging technology components are fused into fintech solutions. Layer-C Labs addresses identified problems by architecting solutions and building prototypes. It is where Layer-C keeps on top of emerging technology primitives.


Bridging the gap between the paper past and the digital future.

The Layer-C vision to be the leading developer of modern financial workflows, for a fully digital future. Layer-C will increase the speed of business by using secure, rapid and standardised technology primitives.

Metallic Wave


The need to digitise is now

The world is digitising rapidly. Businesses, governments and consumers stand at the cusp of an exciting opportunity. The chance to redefine their financial functions through digitisation. Traditional systems of walled gardens are plagued by inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and high maintenance costs. Decentralised, digital solutions bring scalability and speed, without sacrificing security.


Whether it’s the mountains of paper tied up in global logistics, or providing platforms to bank the unbanked, the impacts from digitisation are significant.


Global Cargo Trade


Global Unbanked Population


Global Remittances


Global Real Estate Market

Using the security of blockchain


Building new financial rails is tough. It requires the very best in new technology, combined with deep knowledge of commercial and legal requirements. Layer-C researches and builds with emerging technologies which solve old problems in new ways. Blockchain, tokenisation and zero knowledge proofs are just some of the components used in Layer-C products.

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